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Our Providers:
Kashif Naseem, MD
Dr. Naseem has over 20 years experience as a physician and has been practicing in Augusta since 2006.  In addition to seeing patients at Augusta Medical Care, he is also credentialed at Doctors Hospital, Walton Rehabilitation Hospital, and Windermere Health and Rehabilitation Center.  When he’s not seeing his patients, Dr. Naseem enjoys spending time with his wife and three children.  

Caitlin Vu, NP-BC
Meet the newest member of the Augusta Medical Care Family, Caitlin!  Born and raised in Augusta, GA, she completed her undergraduate education at Augusta State University and her Nurse Practitioner degree from Medical College of Georgia. She is married to Long Vu and has two beautiful children.  Caitlin loves to garden , sing and spend time with her family.

Barbara Tarver, MSN FNP-C
Barbara brings over 20 years of experience in the medical field from all over the Southeast.  For the past 10 years, Barbara has been in Augusta and has worked with University, Doctors, MCG, and Select hospitals.  She has 2 daughters, one is a teacher in Tennessee, and the other is finishing her Bachelor's degree and preparing for medical school. 

Augusta Medical Care is committed to providing our patients with the absolute best medical care for their routine check-ups, as well as any chronic problems.  We are dedicated to the well-being of each individual that comes to us.  Our focus is on providing care with compassion to meet all of the medical needs of our patients.  While our specialties are Diabetes Mellitus, COPD, Cardiovascular disease and Hypertension, we also take pride in being trusted as your primary care provider.  We will always be willing to put forth any effort to ensure that all of your medical needs are met.


In-Home Primary Care:


At Augusta Medical Care we are making a new statement in healthcare.


Providing excellent medical care with compassion to meet all the medical needs of our patients is our goal.

In addition to our internal medicine practice, we offer service to patients in nursing homes, personal care homes, and assisted living environments.  We come to the patient.  This is a convenience for the patient and family members.  This eliminates difficulty with transporting loved ones to the doctor's office while fighting the weather, traffic, and sometimes our loved ones.  There is no waiting in the office either.  This is time that could be spent doing more enjoyable activities with the patient.


We offer a unique service to our patients and facilities with no additional fees:


  • 24/7 availability to staff

  • Direct communication to the physician or practitioner

  • Same day service when contacted by 2pm

  • 24 hour service when contacted after 2pm

  • Lab services

  • Source provider

  • We offer pre-employment physicals with PPD for new staff



We have found that following patients closer decreases hospital admissions and improves overall care, as well as outcomes.  Patients feel more secure in their home environments and discuss their medical concerns more openly.

Our staff serves as another resource for staff members at facilities.  We foster and encourage a relationship with staff and work as a team to facilitate the best care for the patient.  Affordable pre-employment physicals with PPD are available for $50 and can be done as a walk-in same day service Monday through Thursday before 2pm.

We are a service oriented practice.  We provide excellent medical care and look forward to providing service to you, your patients, and their family members.

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